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The engineers at tci develop customized industrial computers for your requirements. You get design, construction and manufacturing from a single source. Despite your flexibility in design and technology customized systems can be the economical solution – perfect fit to your application. Durable and reliable in tci highest quality.


Industrial computer with protection class IP69K

Innovative adhesive technology and high-precision automated production, supported by robotics, provide customized system in IP69K. Also possible chassis or fronts in stainless steel and mounted from the front touches. 


  • food industry
  • beverage industry
  • medical application



Examples for individual industrial computer from tci

Example Bedside Terminal T-Systems

  • in semi-public areas - hospital technology
  • from sketch through to large-scale production



Example POI

  • Point of Information for the retail trade
  • in use at Weltbild publishing company and mediamarkt

Example Terminal for high hygienic requirements

  • iTFT display for food industry
  • minimum gap widths, optimized for the design of the customer machines application

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