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All-inclusive – System Integrated Applications

Due to the low storage requirement, the operating systems have enough space on the FlashDisk. The embedded software (Windows, Windows XP Embedded, Windows Embedded Standard 7 or Linux) allows fast boots or reboots in case of a production stop and is considerably more resistant to voltage breakdowns than classic operating systems. In addition, every required application can be seamlessly integrated into the system, so that possible sources of error can be avoided as far as possible.


Embedded Operating System

Windows CE

The operating system Windows CE is used for all EOS-systems from tci as basic operating system.

Windows XP Embedded

The operating system Windows Embedded Standard 7 can be installed on all EOS-systems.

Windows Embedded Standard 7

As further operating system for the EOS-systems, Windows Embedded Standard 7 is considered.


As an alternative to the Windows-based operating systems, Linux can be used with all EOS-systems.

Application (installed)


Client für Spider Webserver

The SpiderControl Web-Editor (PLC-Edition) will be offered by many controllers, particular as OEM version of the PLC producers. With this tool you can programm very efficient and powerful visualisations, which will run on many plattforms.

Client für CoDeSys Webserver

CoDeSys based PLC's with integrated Web visualization will be offered by different manufacturers. In order to be able to represent the data of Web visualization, usually a Java applet must be installed in the Client browser. Applet is provided of CoDeSys, calls for a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) on the Client computer ahead.

Client für CoDeSys Webserver

OPC is used as a universal interface for bus systems and protocols. With the Microbrowser from iniNet, various protocols can be displayed and served over this interface. This allows information from different manufacturers to be addressed simultaneously.