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Windows XP Embedded discontinued -
with us you can sit back and relax

currently makes the information the round, Microsoft Windows XP Embedded is in January 31, 2017 discontinued. This is true, but as tci customer or potential customer concerns not practical.

Our engineers at tci have worked out a solution, which is still almost ten years available:

  • fully compatible with Windows XP Embedded
  • robust and mature, is based on Windows XP SP3
  • effort, your application run without modification
  • favorable license costs keep the overall cost low
  • Planning sure at tci availability until 01 August 2024 is guaranted

That's investment protection by tci. Your existing solutions will continue to run for many years without you because of "external influences" - must be actively - as a new operating system. Never touch a running system.

Let's talk about your requirement. We are sure we can you offer a technically and economically
suitable solution.

Yours sincerely

Your tci-team


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