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Official opening of the first KNX training center in Lebanon

In the beginning of September the BATC (Building Automation Training Center) starts the first KNX Basic Training with the ETS 5. A KNX training provides new perspectives to the participants an follows on the rapidly developing technology in building automation. To enable a successful configuration and installation of the KNX system, everybody involved needs in-depth knowledge of KNX. These are taught in certified basic, advanced and manufacturer seminars.

Planing a smart home

Doing everything right when building a house

It is many people’s dream: Building one’s own house to finally be independent and live in your own place without a landlord. However, this place – ideally – remains for the rest of one’s life. The latest technological developments like heating systems, ventilation systems or modern electric systems often require different infrastructure conditions as was planned by the builder when building the house: This makes refurbishments often unnecessarily complicated and expensive. This is particularly true for a trend that has evolved in the last years and occupied as well as unoccupied houses will not be thinkable without it in future: The smart home

Touch panels – HMI for the internet of things

When we think about the technology of the future, we cannot avoid a few terms: Industry 4.0 is one of them and we often come across the internet of things (IoT) and Big Data. Added to this is the expression smart, which is used in countless versions, for example in smart grid, smart energy, smart home and smart factory.