pureKNX - Touch Panel for ETS-Programmers

The advantages of tci-touch panels with 7 or 10 inches will give you a simple introduction to building technology:

  • for ETS-programmers
  • parameterized in native ETS dialog,
    no plug-in
  • only 1x programming - multiple using: 
    - load the app to your smartphone 
    - smartphone will automatically find the pureKNX
    - ready for immediate use
  • via Wi-Fi 

Control Concept easy smart home

Complicated is a thing of the past. With the totally new control concept easy smart home, the smart home can be controlled simply and intuitively.


  • A unique combination of switch and menu navigation
  • Can be individually adapted to people and life situations
  • Frequently-used functions are directly available
  • Can be integrated into existing KNX installations

This enables simple interaction between KNX components such as switches, motion or presence detectors. Whether for families, the elderly, children or public facilities, with easy smart home, you can implement individual operator control concepts in the twinkling of an eye.

Selectable Functions

eine Schaltfläche pureKNX
with one button (e.g. light)
2-Fach pureKNX
with two buttons (e.g. light & shutter)
4fach pureKNX
with four buttons (e.g. light, window, shutter and scene)

pureKNX offers

  • the surface is automatically generated after parametrization in the ETS
  • the required symbols arrange themselves automatically
  • groups and function names can be chosen freely
  • up to 25 groups with 12 functions parameterizable
  • 1 group with general functions
  • database for ETS 4 and ETS 5
  • from ETS4: Enhanced functions and language selection DE / US


  • light switching, relatively light dimming, absolutely light dimming
  • LED lamps can be dimmed by RGB color values
  • blind opening and closing
  • jalousie opening and closing; start / stop
  • display and regulate the HVAC
  • scenes
  • timer (Line and Trend Panels)
  • presence
  • window contacts
  • alart at burglary, fire, water and wind
  • outside temperature display
  • binary switching objects allow the switching of any KNX device
  • supports additional character sets, such as Cyrillic
  • rontrol room thermostat (RTR)
Software example


  • Through color and structural adjustment, an individual user interface can be generated
  • Inserting Images
  • Add texts


In the workflow we explain step by step how you can change the software easy
according to your wishes.
The software required for the implementation is already attached.

Displaysize Touch Mounting
room control unit 7-inch KNX
Film/resistive Touch
Flush mounting (UPG)
Wall mounting (EPG)
Flush mounting (UPG)
Surface mounting (APG - Black design)
Desk mounting (KTG)