Web Panels for Building Automation

With tci web panels, you use the optimal solution as a room control unit or central operating unit. You can use different technical solutions to display your visualization. All common HTML-based building controls can be displayed with our Android touch panels and the pre-installed WebWizard. Visualizations that communicate with programmable logic controllers, PLCs for short, can be displayed comfortably and easily with the Microbrowser from Ininet.

The tci Web Panels Offer You These Advantages:


  • The touch panels can be placed decentrally, where it is most visible or operable from the user's point of view.
  • The systems are android-based and offer a wide range of available apps.
  • PLCs can also be displayed.


  • Changes to the visualization can be made centrally on the server without having to adjust each panel separately.
  • The pre-installed WebWizard supports you in setting up the system for the first time.
  • The visualization can be called up in kiosk mode.


  • Choose between different display sizes (4, 7, 10, 16, 22 inches). 
  • Depending on the situation on site, there are panels for flush mounting in the wall, in front of the wall or also in IP65 for panel mounting.
  • The 4-inch systems are also suitable for the standard flush-mounting box.


  • Fanless and industrially tested hardware promise a very long product life.
  • Always use the same touch panels, even if your customers have different building automation systems in use. 
  • tci guarantees long-term availability.


Info on Compatible Software Options

Why Using WebWizard?

  • optimal solution for HTML5 visualizations in kiosk mode
  • supports you like a personal assistant during installation
  • password protection possible
  • flexible refresh times
  • customized splash screen 
  • integrated watchdog and configurable restarts 
  • secure solution with Android

Why Using Microbrowser?

  • optimal solution when a PLC is used
  • supports common PLC solutions
  • secure solution with Android 

You can find out whether your visualization can be displayed in the compatibility list or by contacting our system consultant.

Individual programming can be implemented with various software tools from Ininet.

Web Panels for Microbrowser

Displaysize Touch Mounting
Film/resistive Touch
Flush mounting (UPG)
Wall mounting (EPG)
Flush mounting (UPG)
Surface mounting (APG - Black design)
10" web panel luna10-XS
Wall mounting (EPG)
Flush mounting (UPG)
Surface mounting (APG - Black design)
Desk mounting (KTG)

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