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Fair innovation - Industry 4.0

  • PLC operating panel as the basis
  • remote maintenance and data logging in the cloud
  • existing plants can be integrated in industry 4.0 applications by XS systems cost-effectively
  • Fair innovation G10A

  • 10“ panel for panel mounting
  • flat glass surface in IP65 and with multitouch
  • as PLC operating panel (XS), or Android panel (VI)
  • versatile applicable
  • Fair innovation G10T

  • PLC operating panel (XS) for Codesys
  • Android panel (VI)
  • flat glass surface in IP65 and with multitouch
  • versatile applicable
  • Fair innovation H15ST

  • inclined surfaces for easy cleaning
  • perfectly flat front
  • lateral installation of buttons possible
  • Fair innovation A24-iTFT

  • additional space for your visualization
  • front in IP65 with resistive touch
  • design in stainless steal optionally
  • for panel mounting
  • LDC
  • Windows XP Embedded discontinued - you can sit back and relax

  • fully compatible with Windows XP Embedded
  • robust and mature, is based on Windows XP SP3
  • Planning sure - availability until 01 August 2024 is guaranted

  • H19ST – for harsh environments

  • fully enclosed, powder-coated steel
  • optional in stainless steel, food compatible to DIN EN 1672-2
  • inclined surfaces for easy cleaning
  • perfectly plane front with 19 " touch as PCT or RT

  • G07T – PLC Operator Control or Webterminal

  • fully enclosed plastic housing in IP65
  • fanless and maintenance-free
  • perfectly plan 7 "touch as glass touch projective or resistive
  • thanks to via PoE no separate power supply required

  • IB Board development

  • board development for industrial norm
  • scalable performance of Atom Bay Trail to Core i7
  • fan or ventilated versions

  • Long Distance Control

  • inexpensive solution for remote applications
  • interference-free signal quality up to 30m
  • display signal, touch inputs and power supply

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