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Delivery situation after the earthquake in Japan

by March 11th we look dismayed on the disaster in Japan. With our thoughts and our compassion we are with the people in the region. They have suffered enormous pain due to the huge tidal wave with its unpredictable consequences. The further development isn't foreseeable. We hope for the best.

The economic consequences for Japan and its trading partners are not conceivable. The industry computers of tci are "Made in Germany", but some of the components are manufactured in Japan. In addition to modules which we get directly from Japan, components from suppliers are affected who are for their modules dependent on parts from Japan.

Up to the present we had only occasionally led to longer delivery times with the suppliers. We do everything to prevent bottlenecks by higher stocks and alternative suppliers. However we cannot predict how the situation develops within the next weeks and months.

A bottleneck exists with 2½" hard disks with 24h/7d approval. We cannot procure these in the usual number so far. The production plants of a supplier for electronic components in northern Japan were significantly damaged during the earthquakes. Alternative 24 h/7d hard disks of other manufacturers are only available with considerably higher capacities and at a much higher price.

To cover the current situation as best as possible we ask you for an early arrangement of your orders. It would support us very much if you divide up your blanket orders as exactly as possible and inform us about your longer-term planning contemporarily.