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Heuchelheim, Germany – November 26th, 2013

Food safe panel PC for ex-zones

The H19-ExReady is a panel PC for production-related applications in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Especially for use in potentially explosive atmospheres the optional ex p adapter will be integrated into the support arm. With this additional equipment, the compact panel PC can also be used in Ex zones 1, 21, 2 and 22. The H19-ExReady scores with a food safe stainless steel housing that is completely IP65 protected. Without joints and mud edges the front is particularly easy to clean. The ex p adapter provides a slight overpressure inside the case that ensures no existing explosive atmosphere can penetrate into the device. This explosion protection is more cost favourable for the user than gas-tight enclosures, powder filling or encapsulation. Additionally the expense for administration and maintenance are reduced with a standardized panel PC for Ex zones and outside. There are also lower inventory costs and a simpler spare parts management. The H19-ExReady bases on the H-series of tci. The H-Series has been proven over years in industrial applications and is manufactured and used in large quantities.

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