Industrial Computers

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tci's engineers develop customized industrial computers for your requirements. You get design, construction and manufacturing from a single source. Despite your flexibility in design and technology customized systems can be the economical solution – perfectly fitting to your application. Durable and reliable in highest tci quality.

Examples for Individual Industrial Computer from tci

Touch panel for panel mounting in the food industry

In the production of food - especially meat and dairy products - are required the application of extremely high hygienic to the corresponding machines and systems.In the context of food safety, it is extremely important that bacteria do not have a chance to multiply or get from one product to another. Regular cleaning of machines and systems is therefore the be-all and end-all of food processing. The tci IP69K systems meet these requirements very well.


  •   10“ PCT; 500cdm,
  •   Protection class IP69k
  •   Vibration resistant to EN 60068-2-6 (2008-10)
  •   Shock resistant to EN 60068-2-27 (2010-02)

Example of Individual Equipment with Software

  • Adaptation to energy management applications 
  • Cloud connections and remote access via the Internet
  • Interface like Modbus RTU

Industrial Computer with Protection Class IP69K

  • competely closed chassis
  • ideal for food, beverage and medical applications

Example Bedside Terminal T-Systems

  • in semi-public areas - hospital technology
  • from sketch to large-scale production
customized industrial computer

Example Building Automation

  • small hardware with tci baseboard
  • in use into a wall as operating system called luna series

Example POI

  • Point of Information for the retail trade
  • in use at Weltbild publishing company and mediamarkt

Example Terminal for High Hygienic Requirements

  • iTFT display for food industry
  • minimum gap widths, optimized for the design of the customer machines application