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Long Distance Control

with the tci development LDC1 and LDC2 you can inexpensively operate server and display of tci as a remote solution in the future.


The modular design of our systems with baseboard and CPU module allows cable-free and therefore extremely reliable and durable system development.

PreVision Control

As an intelligent Condition Monitoring System, PreVision Control permanently monitors all of a computer’s relevant system parameters. The user is informed immediately of any pending failure. Apart from remote diagnosis via LAN or Internet, prognoses are possible concerning the remaining service lifetime of mechanically rotating parts such as fans or hard drives.


We offer various industrial mouse systems such as mouse trackball, Durapoint mouse sensor and silicone  mouse.


Keyboard drawer, stroke keyboards and Medical Keyboard to control industrial Computer systems in any environment.


The UPS takes on the power supply of the computer if the input voltage falls below a threshold value.


MES / BDE: recording devices in the T-series.

RFID or barcode scanner for flexible use.