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Uninterruptible power supply

The automatic voltage regulator from the UPS avoids harmful voltage fluctuations. Power surges and noise will be suppressed with the appropriate filter.

Therefore, the destruction of data files and hardware will be avoided and the lifetime of the system is extended. The automatic and prompt switch on UPS-operation avoided loss of data if the network breaks down. The UPS takes on the power supply of the computer if the input voltage falls below a threshold value.

UPS-instruments are available in many variations for individual demands - for protection of separate computers, critical network components or special racks, as base protection or with special rating. Whether internal or external UPS, for 19" mounting or others, please let us know your individual needs. We would be very pleased to advise you.


internal 5.25" UPS
external 19" UPS



Internal UPS, 5.25“, 300 VA


Different external UPS on request

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