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Powerful Panel-PC in compact design

With the T19-Slim-PC you receive an full Terminal PC in ultra flat design. With a fast Intel atom CPU and the exhaustless structure he offers a robust PC platform to you. Thus you have the ideal basis for the economical solution of your tasks of automation under Windows or Linux. With the completely closed housing and the IP65 front he is also for hard conditions the first choice.

High serving and service friendly

With its high-contrast 19 “- TFT display is ideal the T19-Slim-PC for B&B-tasks or as Thin Client in the best way suitably. All connections reach you comfortably by means of the service hood on the rear side. It can be opened and closed for a fast service with few handles toolless.

Flexible mounting

For the simple assembly the T19-Slim-PC at the lower surface of the housing has a connection for the standard support arm. Optionally also a variant for the assembly connection at the equipment top side is available.

Condition monitoring

In order to protect you against sudden hardware losses, the panel PC has PreVision control basic on board. Condition the monitoring system supervises sequentially all important parameters of your system. Those are for example the processor temperature and the condition of the non removable disk. As soon as a parameter lies outside of the defined range, you are informed by Pop UP window about the critical state.

Areas of application

Serving and observing, Thin Client, MES Client, factory data capture

also available as Panel Display


  • equipped with 19" TFT with thermally
    pre-stressed and coated protection glass,
    350 cd/m², 1280 x 1024, 16.7 mio. colours
  • optional touch
  • aluminium chassis IP65/ IP 52
  • milled aluminium front, customised design possible
  • PreVision Control:
    condition monitoring of temperature, fan, HDD
  • connection on bottom for closed wall mounting system, optionally on top
  • interface behind service cover: VGA, 2x ethernet, 2x USB2.0, PS/2 for mouse and keyboard


  • working temperature: 0 up to 40° C (*)
  • storage temperature: -20 up to 60° C
  • relative humidity: 5 up to 90 %,
    not condensing
  • power input 24 VDC
  • weight: 13 kg



(*) Depending of components, cooling concept and equipment

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