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G07T-VI – Webterminal with Android

Through its universal mounting, this system can be used on the mounting arm or in the control cabinet. Light weight, easy connectivity and robust plastic housing allow for the use in production, logistics and agriculture.

The 7-inch device is offered as PLC Panel
G07T-XS and as a web panel G07T-VI.

The advantages are...

  • fully enclosed plastic housing in IP65
  • fanless and maintenance-free
  • perfectly plan 7 "touch as glass touch projective or touch resistive
  • 1 cable solution: LAN with PoE or LAN with 24 VDC

Different touch technologies for your application

Advantages of resistive glass touch

  • uncritical with regard to EMC control
  • useable with any glove
  • longevitiy
  • price / performance ratio

Advantages of capacitive glass touch

  • operation alone approach - possible without contact
  • operated with a thin latex glove
  • multitouch


  • working temperature: 0 up to 50°C (*)
  • storage temperature: -10 up to 70°C
  • relative humidity:
    10 to 80% not condensing
    Storage / Transportation 10 to 90%,
    not condensing
  • power input:
    LAN with PoE or LAN with 24 VDC


(*) Depending of components, cooling concept and equipment

Compact applications:

Questions about G07T-VI?

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