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GeneralC43-XS embedded system

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PLC Operating terminal C43-XS

The C43-XS is a 4.3" touch panel designed for the CoDeSys web visualization and the visualization of logic controllers (PLCs) from other manufacturers designed with built-in web server. The optimally integrated into the ARM7 system MicroBrowser ensures a lightning-fast startup, and a high performance during operation.

The advantages are...

  • Low priced touch panel
  • cable free and rugged system design
  • easy mounting
  • as SPS control panel or web panel available

The micro browser runs in continuous operation 24/7/365 very reliable and stable, because it doesn’t need time-consuming JVM (Java Virtual Machine). With the low power CPU, the C43-XS is very energy efficient. No rotating parts such as fans and hard drive, the touch panel is completely maintenance free. Powersupply and LAN are realized with PoE (Power-over-ethernet).

Due to the ultra compact design, the C43-XS can be used as built-in unit in each cabinet or control panel space. With the IP65 protection, the touch panel can also be used in harsh industrial environment permanently.

In addition to the CoDeSys web visualization controls from Saia , Phoenix Contact (ILC 1x0, ILC3x0), Panasonic (FP web server), Sabo, Schleicher (XCN), Siemens (CP 243/343/443 with webserver), Beckhoff (CX x000), Wago (750-841 , 750-871) and Beck IPC (CoDeSys) supported.

Other display sizes: C70-XS (7“), C100-XS (10“) and C120-XS (12“).
Other chassis technology: K12-XS (12“).

More info about XS-Technology

Technical data:

  • 4.3" widescreen touch,
    WVGA 800 x 272
  • front with decor film,
    customized designs possible
  • plastic chassis IP65
  • CodeSys 3.0 support
  • Real VNC Server Version 5.0.3 compatible
  • ethernet 10/100, PoE (Power-over-Ethernet)


  • working temperature: 0 up to 50°C (*)
  • storage temperature: -20 up to 70°C
  • relative humidity:
    10 to 80% not condensing
    Storage / Transportation 10 to 90%,
    not condensing
  • Power input: 24VDC

C series with Web-Visu available:

CoDeSys based PLC's with integrated Web visualization will be offered of different manufacturers. An example for this is the Wago 750-841.



Connection to external servers

(*) Depending of components, cooling concept and equipment


Industry 4.0 for retrofitting

  • PLC operating panel as the basis
  • remote maintenance and data logging in the cloud
  • existing plants can be integrated in industry 4.0 applications by XS systems cost-effectively

Questions about C43-XS embedded system?

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Panel PC for 100 €

XS-Technologie makes the SPS-Panel cost-saving.
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