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As an alternative to the Windows-based operating systems, Linux can be used with all EOS-systems. Being an open source product, it does not cause any license costs. The operting system can be configurated and compilated in order to meet your requirements.

Image features:

  • graphic display
  • audio
  • touch connection
  • browser (Firefox)

Communication protocols

  • ThinClient connection with Remote Desktop (RDP) or Citrix (ICA)
  • network protocol (TCP/IP)

Terminal emulation:

  • VNC
  • XDM
  • VT102
  • VT220
  • Telnet
  • IBM5250
  • VMS term
  • SSH

Customized image:

  • Size and performance of operating system will be optimized for customized applications. By requirements please ask our consultants.



Software image Linux



Costumisation of the software image