Windows CESoftware -EOS

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Windows CE-BASIS

Due to its high performance, robustness against viruses and its extremely compact installation size we use the operating system Windows CE for all the EOS devices as a standard element.

The system is a modern, scalable real-time operating system, which is able to connect to the internet and exchange information.

Size and performance of the operating system will be optimized for customized applications. By requirements please ask our consultants.

Software development features

  • Microsoft Foundation Classes for Windows CE
  • ATL (Active Template Library) for Windows CE
  • COM (Component Object Model)
  • ActiveSync for data exchange and easy software development

Communication protocols:

  • modem
  • network protocol (TCP/IP)
  • Windows Networking API/Redirector (SMB/CIFS) offers the access to quantity folders in a Windows network

Image features:

  • Standard SDK for Windows CE.NET offers faster entrance into the software development of Windows CE
  • UDB HID (Human Input Device) offers the connection of USB keyboard and mouse to CE devices
  • USB Storage Support offers the copnnection of USB storage mediums

Windows CE Server Features:

  • SQL server CE2.0
  • Web server
  • FTP server

Customized image software development features:

  • .NET Compact Framework 1.0
  • VPN support
  • supports MIPS- and ARM-architectures



Software Image Windows CE 6.0



Costumisation of the software image

Customized image software development features:

Extension: ThinClient (EOS-CE-TCL)

  • only central tasks (in- and output), further computing operations are outsourced to a server
  • minimal version of Microsoft Windows CE
  • Remote Desktop Protocol Client and possibility to add additional catalog items 

+ no data loss in case of emergency stop
+ cost advantage
+ high robustness, because there’s no access on-site

Customized image software development features:

Extension: WEB-Terminal (EOS-CE-WEB)

  • is able to visualise HTML-pages 
  • monitoring, configuration and management of a device through a hypertext 
  • Transfer Protocol Server (for printers, scanners,…), device works like a webserver through which you can call up web based files
  • ensures the communication between computer and printer, scanner,…

+ no application software neccessary
+ is able to communicate to every computer, not only to a server (in contrast to Thin Client)

Client computer: at least Windows 2000 Professional Edition and installed Microsoft Windows CE Platform Builder
Web Server: at least Windows CE 5.0
Hardware: network adapter for CEPC, compatible with Windows CE 5.0 at least, ethernet cable, hub

Customized image software development features:

Extension: PLC Operator Terminal (EOS-CE-PLC)

  • connection to PLC (e.g.Siemens S5 and S7, Modbus RTU, OMRON, Moeller)
  • happens through ethernet or serial interface

+ no additional software neccessary