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Windows XP Embedded

As further operating system for the EOS-systems, Windows XP Embedded is considered. Due to the adjustment to your application, the storage need is kept to a minimum and the performance can be optimised in regard to your requirements.

Image features:

  • Graphic display
  • Supported Languages ENG / DE / SP / NL / RUS / FRA / IT / PT
  • Audio
  • Touch connection (optional)
  • USB storage media
  • USB input diveces
  • Modem support
  • System control
  • Administrative tools
  • User administration
  • Local and network printing
  • Internet-Explorer 7
  • File release (Client and Server)
  • TCP/IP (also V6)
  • ODBC
  • Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • Write-Filter (EWF and FBWF)
  • Free user memory
  • ThinClient connection with Remote Desktop (RDP) version 6.1
  • Windows Media Player 11
  • .NET Framework - Version 3.5

Costumized images

  • Size and performance of operating system will be optimized for customized applications. By requirements please ask our consultants.



Software image Windows XP embedded 



Costumisation of the software image