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Android in the industry

With the increasing availability of apps, Android is spreading more and more in industrial automation. Currently, the most common applications are to be found in the classic HMI area with user interfaces and visualizations.

Also in other areas, such as technical documentation, support and engineering providers are trying to score points with apps - here are some examples:

  • online troubleshooting
  • parameterization of controllers directly on the machine
  • online ordering of spare parts at the place of the disturbance
  • programming and maintenance of control systems

Android and mobile devices

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are partially confronted with skepticism - for critical business data in the jacket or trouser pockets of employees are security concepts necessary.

Safety in production

A big step towards safety offer the tci Android panels. The units for panel mounting are fixed. They are also more durable than consumer products, of which there are every few months a new model.
Thanks to many years of service and availability guarantee tci offers much more security for your investment. And compared to Panel PCs with Windows or Linux, you are also saving energy because the hardware requires less computing power.