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The XS-Technology of tci combines ARM-based touch panels with an integrated micro browser for web visualization with popular PLC systems. This enables high-performance display of data visualization in a resource-saving and long-term stable environment. A continuous working without limitation is possible. The micro browser doesn't know irregular disconnects, which require a system reboot with shutdown.

  • high performance and stability level, without Java Virtual Machine
  • for CoDeSys, Wago, Beckhoff, Simatic and many others
  • no operating system - lightning fast start

Application demo XS-Technology

XS-Technology: Vector graphics are no obstacle

The cost-effective XS-Technology allows, in addition to many other features, the use of scalable vector graphics and makes you almost independent of the display size. The runtime system supports:

  • transparency
  • alpha blend (adjustable semi-transparency)
  • rotation/translation 
  • robust und performant, blitzschneller Start
  • unschlagbarer Preis
  • bestehende Anbindung an CoDeSys, Wago, Beckhoff, Simatic und viele andere SPSen
  • bestehende Mechanismen zur Anbindung beliebiger Webserver

Industry 4.0 for retrofitting

  • PLC operating panel as the basis
  • remote maintenance and data logging in the cloud
  • existing plants can be integrated in industry 4.0 applications by XS systems cost-effectively

Panel PC for 100 €

XS-Technologie makes the SPS-Panel cost-saving.
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