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The completely closed chassis of the T19-PC65 consist of magnesium cast and is very robust. The durable 19”-panel PC is completely IP65 protected and the internal redundant circulating air provides homogeneous heat distribution for a good cooling. This avoids possible hotspots. So a long-live spam and reliable operation as well as a high performance can be achieved. The 19” TFT display offers a large picture diagonal and a high brilliance.

A characteristic is the integration of the new developed PreVision control technology of tci. It covers both the hard and software: status LEDs inform the user at any time about the system parameters. This provides a higher safety for applications, because possible sources of errors can be predicted in advance. PreVision control is independent of the operating system and provides many extras for the user, like e.g. the user specific error message.

Mounting: The T19-PC65 can be mounted to a closed support arm on its top and bottom side. Display and PC box can be removed and exchanged in case of maintenance without disassembly of the chassis.

For high hygienic requirements the chassis can be supplied with non-adhesion coating.

High serving and service friendly

With its high-contrast 19 “- TFT display is ideal the T19-Slim-PC for B&B-tasks or as Thin Client in the best way suitably.

Condition Monitoring

In order to protect you against sudden hardware losses, the panel PC has PreVision control basic on board. Condition the monitoring system supervises sequentially all important parameters of your system. Those are for example the processor temperature and the condition of the non removable disk. As soon as a parameter lies outside of the defined range, you are informed by Pop UP window about the critical state.

Areas of application

Serving and observing, Thin Client, MES Client, factory data capture

Technical data:

  • equipped with 19" TFT with thermally
    pre-stressed and coated protection glass,
    350 cd/m², 1280 x 1024, 16.7 mio. colours
  • optional touch
  • magnesium chassis, all around IP65
  • surface powdercoated, optional with non-adhesion coating
  • milled aluminium front IP65 with USB connection and PreVision Control LED
  • customised design possible
  • PreVision Control:
    condition monitoring of temperature, fan, HDD
  • connection on bottom for closed wal mounting system, optional on top
  • internal redundant air condition, therefore durable and reliable
  • equipment: see Order-Info
  • interfaces: see Order-Info

(1) only by tci proved cards


  • working temperature: 0 up to 40°C,
    optional 45°C (*)
  • storage temperature: -20 up to 60° C
  • relative humidity: 5 up to 90 %,
    not condensing
  • power supply 110/ 230 VAC
  • weight: 14 kg


(*) Depending of components, cooling concept and equipment

Compact applications:

19" Terminal 360°-View

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