DetailsH15 Panel PC

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RW-20: external ventilated rear cover, rear IP20
RW-VA: stainless steel rear cover for applications with high hygienic demands, closed, IP65
Stainless steel front IP65 without any point and fulfilled so highest hygienic demands
RW-65: rear cover IP65, light and economic
RW-XT: closed aluminium rear cover, IP65 and heat sink for high perfromance and IP65
Option topmount: Connection for closed mounting system on the top side of the chassis

Options mounting arm

The T00-CONNECT offers a flexible connection possibility for all systems. 8 cable entries in IP54 or a seal plate with max. 4 plug entries in IP65 additional useable.

The option H00-ZB-VESAM-K is an adapter for mounting arm systems with VESA75 from the rear side. By this variant the cable entry is on the bottom.

The option H00-ZB-VESAM-G is an adapter to a mounting arm systems with VESA75. This variant is closed and useable with plugs, which will be integrated individual to your application. The advantage is, that you need'nt open the system by installation.   

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