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The Terminal H10W and H16W are equipped with a userfriendly widescreen display and LED backlight. The advantages in the comparison to the classical displays are a higher brightness, a higher contrast, longer life time and lower power consumption. The fanless H16W is equipped with 16“ display and Intel ATOM processor with a total power consumption of only 13 watts. Additional available is the H10W with 10 “- display. Thus the devices can use PoE (power over Ethernet), which is optionally offered for both devices.

Stainless steel chassis

The perfectly flat IP65 stainless steel chassis without any gaps can be easily kept clean and is useable for high hygienic demands. The front can equipped with a RFID reader behind the protection foil.

H-series different rear covers for specific applications  
H1x-20Intel Core i3/i5/i7, outside ventilation, very economic, rear side IP20 Industrial applications with high performance requirements
H1x-65Intel Atom, all around IP65, light and economicGood performance in routh environmental conditions
H1x-VAIntel Atom, all around IP65, stainless steel rear cover with special seal Cleaning and disinfection for the highest demands of hygiene (Food + pharmacie)
H1x-XTIntel Core i3/i5/i7, all around
Top performance in routh environmental conditions

Condition Monitoring

All system-relevant voltages and temperatures are constantly monitored and logged. As soon as a parameter falls outside of the defined specification, the user is alarmed accordingly.

Scalable System

Equipped with a baseboard and CPU modules the systems are scaleable.

Flexible mounting

For easy mounitng the H16W has a connection on bottom for closed wal mounting system, optionally on top.

Technical data:

  • equipped with 16" widescreen touch,
    220 cd/m², 1366 x 768
  • stainless steel chassis IP65
    customised design possible
  • equipment: see Order-Info
  • interfaces: see Order-Info


  • working temperature: 0 up to 40°C (*)
  • storage temperature: -20 up to 70°C
  • relative humidity:
    10 to 80% not condensing
    Storage / Transportation 10 to 90%,
    not condensing
  • power input: 24 VDC
  • power consumption (full loop): 13 W

(*) Depending of components, cooling concept and equipment

Compact applications:

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