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IPC-B with backplane

Industrial solution for „high-performance“ applications with a great demand of slots.

A characteristic is the integration of the new developed PreVision control technology of tci. It covers both the hard and software.

Industrial qualified:

Plenty of slots

Passive backplane - the flexible solution for up to 14 slots in different variations e.g. ISA, PCI, PIGMG or PISA. Also multiple systems - up to four - can be installed into one single IPC chassis.


Because of the integrated watchdog, the IPCs with backplane are suitable for complex control systems.

Robust and easy to maintain

Backplane-solutions can be also used for higher temperature. They can be upgrated, just by changing the CPU card, which makes the system maintenance for upgrades pretty easy.

Long-term availability

We ensure the availability for a longer period than standard motherboard-solutions and therefore provide a more economic solution.

  • slot-CPU
  • backplane
  • free slots: max. 13x PCI or 13x ISA
  • Usability depending on technical equipment,
  • please ask our consultants
  • individual techncial equipment by request

Questions about IPC-B Rack-PC?

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