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The IPC-ECO is economic alternative to the IPC-B. The set-up is effected with the same utmost care and the same quality components are used. The system can be used very successfully in critical applications

A characteristic is the integration of the new developed PreVision control technology of tci. It covers both the hard and software.

Technical data:

  • size: 4 U, 450 mm depth
  • weight: 13 kg
  • ATX-Motherboard or Slot-CPU
  • ATX-Motherboard or 14-Slot Backplane,
  • free slots:
    IPC-E5/ATX: 4x PCI
    IPC-E5/PCI: 13x PCI oder 13x ISA
    usability depending on technical equipment, please ask our consultants
  • individual technical equipment by request
  • mounting possibilities for 3x 5.25" external,
    1x 3.5" external and 1x 3.5" internal or
    5x 3.5" external and 1x 3.5" internal
  • drives on shockmounts
  • PreVision Control:
    condition monitoring of temperature, fan, HDD
  • lockable front door with built in acrylic-plastic pane (opens horizontal)
  • overpressure in the chassis ensured through a powerful fan. The fan absorbs fresh air from the front. Therefore, the internal space is dust-proteced.
  • pre-stamped connector-board on the rear side for additional Sub-D connectors
  • optional temperature controlled fan
  • steel chassis
  • power supply 300 W -110-240 VAC,
    redundant or DC



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