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Chassis and equipment:


ATX Industrieboard, CPU Intel Core i5-2300, 4x 2.8GHz, socket 1155, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, DVD-ROM


PreVision Control

Condition monitoring of tci: It covers both the hard and software: status LEDs inform the user at any time about the system parameters.

PreVision Control Plus

same as PreVision Control basic with additional functions: potential-free contact for communication of the operating status for example to PLC or PDA. Protocol of operation status with internet browser (WEB server function). Additional notice via E-mail. Transfer of cached parameter to own application with DLL-function.


internal UPS, 5.25", 300 VA


temperature controlled fan


For other configurations please ask our system consultants.

Operating system:


Windows 7 and higher, other

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