The C120 is well-priced touch panel with classic 4:3 dimmension. The sytems will be used for panel mounting. The compact systems have an anodised aluminum front with IP65 protection. Operation in the production areas and monitoring is just as possible as the visualization of consumption values or the acquisition of operating data.

The Advantages are...

  • well-priced Panel PC
  • compact design
  • cable free and rugged system design with TCI baseboard


TCI App-Updater: Features and settings



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PLC HMI and Web Panel

C120-PC Embedded-System

The touch panel is designed as a built-in unit for universal use in industrial applications. Since there are no moving parts such as fans and HDD, the C120-PC is completely maintenance free and designed for continuous operation 24/7/365.

C120-VI Android Touchpanel

In addition to the PC version, you can use this system with Android operating system. The most common applications can be found in the classic HMI area with user interfaces and visualizations.

C120-XS PLC Operating Terminal

The optimal combination of MicroBrowser and hardware is described in "XS-Technology" and ensures a fast system start and high performance during the operation. XS systems can be used as clients for OPC servers or can display any screens of other computers with the VNC client.

  • Touchpanel for panel mounting
  • 12" widescreen touch, 350cd/m², WSVGA, 1024 x 600
  • milled aluminium front, customized design possible
  • front optionally in stainless steel
  • protection class IP65 (front side)
  • interfaces please see Order Info
  • working temperature: 0 up to 50°C
  • storage temperature: -20 up to 70°C
  • relative humidity:
    10 to 80% not condensing
    storage / transportation 10 to 90%,
    not condensing
  • power input: 
    C120-XS: 24 VDC and PoE (class 0)
    C120-PC: 24 VDC
    C120-VI: 24 VDC and ​​optional: PoE+ (class 4)

Chassis and Equipment

Panel PC, 12" touch, TCI-Baseboard Intel Atom “Apollo Lake” Dual Core CPU E3930, 2x 1,8GHz, Intel HD500, 4GB RAM, SSD, Dual Ethernet

Android Panel, 12" touch, embedded Quad-Core CPU Board, 1,6GHz, 1GB RAM, 1x RJ45 LAN (PoE, class 0), 1x USB2.0

PLC Panel, 12" touch, embedded ARM CPU, ethernet 10/100, PoE (class 0), brightness sensors, CodeSys 3.0 support, Real VNC Server version 5.0.3 compatible, equipped with Image MicroBrowser SpiderControl & CoDeSys v3.x for XS-Technology


front optionally in stainless steel, AutomationBrowser app for androidTCI WebWizard


For other configurations please ask our system consultants.

Operating System

Windows 7 and higher, other


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