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Industrial computer

Industrial computermade in Germany

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Industrial computer

- Standard -

Standard industrial computers are being extensively experienced in professional use. With proven technology, they score by their reliability and ruggedness in your industrial environment. To a certain extent, the systems are configurable - all at a favourable price.

Product overview

Fail safe PC

“Prevention is better than cure” – what applies to people is also obviously applicable for the computer industry. Our intelligent PreVision Control condition monitoring system permanently examines all of the relevant system parameters and informs the user immediately if any risk of breakdown occures.


Embedded Android / CE / XS

Particularly robust systems for extreme stress in tough production environments.

  • Android / CE / XS
  • without fans and hard drive
  • maintenance-free
  • very durable and reliable
  • IP65 front

Universally applicable industrial-PCs in particularly compact design.

  • minimum space demand
  • easy installation
  • robust and durable

Scalable industrial-PCs for installation in 19" racks; high-performance systems are possible.

  • multiple variants
  • maximum EMC protection
  • customised variants

Panel PC - Panel mount

Various device families and design variants from Intel Atom to Intel Core i CPUs.

  • well-conceived
  • compact design
  • customised variants

Panel-PC - Mounting arm

Various device families and design variants from Intel Atom to Intel Core i CPUs as mounting arm solutions

  • well-conceived
  • compact design
  • customised variants

Panel PC - Mounting arm. Usable in explosive-protected areas

Panel PCs for mounting arm with 15" or 19" touch are available for this special area.

  • all around explosion protected and Ip 65
  • stainless steel corpus
  • compact design
  • usable for pharma, food and chemical industry

Panel Displays - Panel mount

Luminous industrial TFT monitors offering high contrast and wide viewing angle.

  • luminous TFT display
  • DVI and VGA interfaces
  • industry-compatible design

Panel Displays - Mounting arm

Luminous industrial monitors as mounting arm solutions.

  • luminous TFT-display or multitouch
  • DVI and VGA interfaces
  • industry-compatible design
  • scalable display size & protection class up to IP65

Medical technology

Our solutions – individuas as your hospital

Every hospital is different. Different applications or constructional and technical options needs special solutions, which we can work out for you. In this way we can offer you a special and powerfull and cost effective solution.


Here you can get all parts and accessories.

  • motherboards and backplanes
  • industrial mouse systems and keyboards
  • holders and mounting arm systems