KNX Software

KNX Software Features

pureKNX offers

  • the surface is automatically generated after parametrization in the ETS
  • the required symbols arrange themselves automatically
  • groups and function names can be chosen freely
  • up to 25 groups with 12 functions parameterizable
  • 1 group with general functions
  • database for ETS 4 and ETS 5
  • from ETS4: Enhanced functions and language selection DE / US


  • light switching, relatively light dimming, absolutely light dimming
  • LED lamps can be dimmed by RGB color values
  • blind opening and closing
  • jalousie opening and closing; start / stop
  • display and regulate the HVAC
  • scenes
  • timer (Line and Trend Panels)
  • presence
  • doorbell and opener
  • window and door contacts
  • alart at burglary, fire, water and wind
  • outside temperature display
  • binary switching objects allow the switching of any KNX device
  • supports additional character sets, such as Cyrillic
  • rontrol room thermostat (RTR)
Software example


  • Through color and structural adjustment, an individual user interface can be generated
  • Inserting Images
  • Add texts


In the workflow we explain step by step how you can change the software easy
according to your wishes.
The software required for the implementation is already attached.