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PLC Operating Panels for Industry 4.0

You want to digitize your production continuously and have all your production data available in real time – without investing in new equipment or control systems? In that case our PLC operating panels would be the right choice for you. Those systems, which include XS-Technology, are not only universal PLC operating panels – due to integrated cloud interface, they are the key to your Industry 4.0 solution. Even if you don’t require it right now, you are fully prepared for the future. 

IoT for Retrofitting

The PLC operating panels are parameterizable for Industry 4.0 suitable production plants with minimum effort. Using the reliable cloud services, all required data is available for retrieval in the internet. You don’t need any additional hardware.

Following connections are available for the user:

  • CodeSys WebVisu (web server to PLC)
  • WAGO/Beckhoff via CGI.BIN (web server to panel)
  • S7-ISOTCP (web server to panel)
  • ModbusTCP (web server to panel)
  • OPC (OPC-Client to panel)
  • VNC (via VNC-Client to panel)

All of the PLC operating systems have access to the relevant data range via these protocols. You don’t need to change anything on the PLC program itself, so the warranty of the equipment is not restricted.

Remote Maintenance

The PLC operating panels provide functions to maintain the system remotely. The access can be provided via default browser (HTML5) through a TSL-secured connection. The remote maintenance can be carried out through every internet enabled terminal. Additional drivers or special plug-ins are not required.


  • same “look and feel” through remote maintenance as through local operating panels
  • values can be viewed and parameters can be set
    (a protection against unauthorized changes is integrated)
  • no changes in network infrastructure required
  • connection establishment is done using a secure web portal



Integrated Cloud Services

Besides controlling and operating decentrally, data can be stored in the web portal. The Cloud Services enable to select and process the collected data via superordinated MES or ERP systems. For activating, there is a data logging function on the PLC panels, which can be parametered if necessary.

  • any data point can be selected
  • CSV files are stored in the web portal automatically
  • customized interfaces and protocols are possible
  • many PLC panels can be used via one account

 Data Security

  • connection from service center or ERP clients to the portal is established through “https”
  • coding with TLS1.2
  • no changes on the firewall required
  • no special ports, which could possibly be attacked, need to be opened
  • data, which is stored in the cloud, can be encrypted optionally
  • user management including user, user groups and scalable access rights



XS-Technologie: Embedded HMI for PLC and CODeSys


Touch panels with integrated micro browser as a "plug&play" solution for web visualization of common PLC systems.
From 7” to 15” touch for panel mounting or support arm mounting.



The XS-Technology of tci is specially designed for the web visualization of SpiderControl, CoDeSys, OPC and VNC-based controllers.


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