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Fair innovations sps ipc drives 2016


Our brochure "Industrial Computer - made in Germany" in Adobe-PDF-format (Acrobat Reader) download or in print-version request.





Here you will find all manuals of our industrial products.



CAD data

Here you will find the STEP files
as ZIP files to download.



IP-International Protection

In concept, developement and production tci sets value on abidance of IP classes (IP International Protection).


Touch technology

More information on touch technology can be found here:

  • Resitiv
  • Capacitive
  • Near Field Imaging - NFI
  • Acoustic Wave
  • Infrared

TÜV Certificate

TÜV  Certificate - Management system
according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 -
in Adobe-PDF-format (Acrobat Reader) to download.