Testing of Interference Resistance on tci Computers

For the measurement and testing of the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and interference resistance of the tci computer systems an EMC laboratory was furnished. By testing of interference resistance in the own house tci ensures maximum protection of the own devices in relation to outside emissions. 

The EMC laboratory equipped with measuring and inspection technique offers multiple test options. The mechanism contributes to greatest possible security and stability of the computer systems. 

For the emission and interference resistance measurements following testing facilities and possibilities are available: Measuring positions for ESD, Burst, Surge, Oscillatory Wave, magnetic field, break and dropping of voltage, harmonic and flicker.

1. Burst generator:

  • Interference resistance test
  • Voltage drops, interruptions, changes, fluctuations

2. ESD pistole:

  • Interference resistance test electrostatic discharge

3. Surge generator: 

  • Interference resistance test surge voltage

4. Heat room: 

  • Additionally to the testing of interference resistance the tci devices are examined for their ambient temperature. The systems are tested with full load up to 50 °C. The recording of the inspection results are automated and the curves are recorded in a protocol. 

Furthermore a computer is installed for automation of the measurements as well as for the production of inspection reports. It is merged into the EMC measuring system by efficient software.