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Makes IPC Compatible for Industry 4.0

Regardless of whether the slogan is Industry 4.0, Big Data or Iot (Internet-of-Things), the core is the complete digitization of manufacturing, production and logistics. Comprehensive networking of machines and equipment in the production and exchange of data across company boundaries ensure the future for a technology and cross-industry integration of processes and systems. Strictly speaking it is not just about the production, but about the entire value chain, from development and design through production and manufacturing to logistics and shipping.

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Industry 4.0 Expanded Demands on Industrial Computer

Industry 4.0 also means: It is directly produced order-related for the customer. If an error occurs, not only the plant is disturbed, but the entire supply chain. Significant interim storage, from which can be delivered during a disturbance are no longer needed.

Any Sudden Loss has Fatal Consequences

As an intelligent Condition Monitoring System, PreVision Control monitors all of a computer’s relevant system parameters permanently. The user is informed immediately of any pending failure. Apart from remote diagnosis via LAN or Internet, prognoses are possible concerning the remaining service lifetime of mechanically rotating parts such as fans or hard drives.

The Wise Works Precautionarily

Our opinion is that even the best system can be improved. And exactly that is what we did. With the new developed PreVision Control technology, tci offers a system-independent hard and software solution for intelligent monitoring and controlling of industrial computers

The combination of an independent hardware module with USB interface and specially developed software monitors and analyses the relevant system parameters constantly. At the same time it controls the fan and the brightness of the TFT backlights of the panel PC. This reduces heat, particularly in warm environments, and extends the life span of the system. If desired, the graphical user interface keeps the user updated about all details.

Reduction of the Downtimes

Intelligent algorithms adapt the capacity of your system, if the temperature comes into a critical range. Production can be completely terminated. The service takes place in the set-up time. Smaller wear by temperature-controlled fans - turns only with the necessary speed.

Against Unplanned Downtimes

You can define own threshold values in addition to the manufacturer-specific values. Thus you are informed by an LED matrix in the future in time, a pop-up window or diverse alert options (plus version). Additionally you can make necessary spare parts available if responsible. You make the change exactly then when it suits you the best. The advantage is clearly obvious: unplanned down-times are avoided. Stop during maintenance is not only minimized, but becomes even easier to schedule - and your production runs! More pleasant and costs saving side effect: In place of fix service intervals you get "service on demand". 

The Plus of Service

With the PreVision control plus you are informed at any time about the condition of your IPCs - independently of time and place, e.g. by E-Mail and Webserver. That combined condition monitoring and remote diagnostics optimally. With the "Plus" version you experience a completely new service level. If PreVision Control states the fact that a component show irregularities, an e-mail can be sent directly to the tci service team. After checking the log file, the suitable spare part can be sent to you immediately. That is our understanding of “Security by system!” Additionally you can transfer all parameters and operating conditions of the industrial computer to your specific environment. Therefore you have a floating distance contact, an OPC server and DLL function at your disposal. Furthermore we are always anxious to convert customer's requests, like e.g. the implementation of shock-, vibration- and humidity sensors and access protection by biometric data.

Technical Data:

  • stand-alone closed hard-/software pachage intelligent condition monitoring for TCI industrial computers
  • offers the planing of downtimes of hardware and arise the prodctivity
  • no punctuell service times due to "Service on demand"
  • completely closed hardware, independent from operating system, able to run without MMI
  • graphic user interface (MMI), Windows
  • monitored fans (1 x CPU, 2 x chassis), temperature (2 sensors), voltage and harddisc with S.M.A.R.T
  • automatic condition of fans
  • automatic/manuel condition of the TFT-backlights
  • hour meter
  • non-volatile memory with service plug
  • 8-LED-matrix for faster fault analyse, front with dualcolor-LED for operating status
  • comprehensive protocol in hard- and software
  • notice with popup window
  • pre-set levels of the producer can be add with userdefined levels
  • password pretecte admin modus


Add-on of Plus-Version

  • dry contact for communication of operating status for example to PLC or PDA
  • addtional notice via E-Mail, optionally WEB-Server
  • transfer of cached parameters to owner applications with DLL-function



The overview is the main side of the program and offers to the user all developing channels. The red line shows the alarm limit. With over and/or fall below the value configured takes place an error message. Optionally can be configured by the user warning limits.


On Channels it will be shown all values. Additional to this the CPU capacity and the working time is shown.


Here is the possibility to control the backlights with plus and minus icons or with controller. The percentage quotation is shown delay.


In this window all errors and warnings are noticed. On the top list you get all messages since the last start. The first three messages are not errors, but are shown by every start.
All active messages are shown at the bottom list.
There are three types of messages:
- Info
- Warning
- Error


The chart offers a documentation of all values. There is the possibility to control 6 channels.



Software Update

Dear visitor,

you need to be logged in to update your PreVision Control Software. You will find the access data in your manual (as of version 1.2 onward). If your access data is correct, you will find the data, which are available for download right here. Possibly you have to update your browser (F5).

You will get direct help contacting our support team: 0641/96284-55.