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Packaging information

The right packaging is the first step for a trouble-free dispatch of a device. Use only original tci-packaging for your returns,
there includes 2 elements with protective film and a carton. Devices which are damaged by improper packaging can be
excluded from guarantee.
Please have a look at the drawing and instructions below:


Packaging of the device:

1) Put your package on a half-palette.

2) Put one of the protective film with the upside into the package.

3) Put the device with the display-side down in the middle of the package on the protective film. Exception: Devices of the A15-siries with keyboard are put with the display-side to the top.

4) Press the second protective film down on the device. There has to be a light tension.

5) Close the package and stick it down with adhesive tape. Tie the package to the half-palette and stick the send-back-paper clearly visible on the package.


Attention: Protective film must be faced to the device!
We suggest shipment by a haulage company, because we have the experience that the devices become less damages.