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ThinClient (EOS-CE-TCL)

With Thin Client applications, all computer operations are executed on a central server. Only the in- and output is transmitted by an optimised protocol to the Thin Client via ethernet. If an emergency stop is necessary, there will be no data loss. Central administration will lead to cost advantage and to an increased robustness of the whole system if diffused applications are used. That avoids an access on location and merely the operation on the central tasks is enabled.


Software data:

  • operating system: Windows CE 5.0 NET
  • application software: ThinClient
  • server operating system: Windows 2000 Server, Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server, Citrix WinFrame, Citrix MetaFrame, UNIX (only ICA)
  • protocols: RDP 5.1 and ICA 6.30



Software Image with Windows CE 5.0 and ThinClient function



Costumisation of the software image

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