CoDeSys Webserver

CoDeSys based PLC's with integrated Web visualization will be offered by different manufacturers. An example for this is the Wago 750-841. In order to be able to represent the data of Web visualization, usually a Java applet must be installed in the Client browser. Applet is provided of CoDeSys, calls for a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) on the Client computer ahead.

A resources-protective and alternative function-compatible to the Java applet offers the MicroBrowser. The MicroBrowser works directly with the visualization objects produced by CoDeSys. An additional configuration tool is not necessary. To start-up only the IP address and the starting side must be entered. Additional to this zipped, CoDeSys web visualization are usable as well.

PLC equipped with SpiderControl HMI-Editor:

  • Sabo
  • Beckhoff
  • Wago
  • Beck IPC
  • Lenze