The new SmartPLCs are used as compact PLCs and assume control tasks, data logging or are designed for use as gateway for Industry 4.0 applications. The creation of the PLC program and the HMI user interface is based on HTML5 and is possible with any standard web browser per PC or tablet. For this, the function diagram programming (FuP) is available as a web application on the PLC. No external engineering tools are required - the PLC program and the development environment are saved on the PLC. The HMI interface is designed as a web visualization and can be operated with any HTML5 browser, even via tablet or smartphone. Access is also possible with the Industrial Computers or PLC operator terminals of the XS series.

There are two types with integrated 4.3-inch touch display available and another box variant for mounting on the DIN rail.

Common features

  • via standard browser, without external engineering tools
  • PLC and HMI in one device
  • remanent memory, protects the data in case of power failure
  • fully functional PLC
  • remote control, data logging and safing in the cloud


Interfaces and I/O

  • power input 24 VDC   
  • ethernet
  • 4 analog Input: 0~10V, 10 bit
  • 4 digital Output: 24V or GND, 0.5A
  • 6 digital Input, 24V





SmartPLCTouch 4,3" TFT panel mount

  • All-in-one: PLC with integrated visualisation
  • 4,3-Zoll-Touchdisplay TFT analog-resistive
  • panel mount
  • protection class front IP 54, rear side IP 20




SmartPLCBox mounting on DIN rail

  • PLC funktionality wit web visualisation by external divices
  • mounting on DIN rail
  • protection class IP 20




SmartPLCTouch  4,3" TFT „open frame"

  • All-in-one: PLC with integrated visualisation
  • 4,3-Zoll-Touchdisplay TFT analog-resistive
  • mounting from the rear side - open frame
  • protection class IP 20


  • 4.3" Touch , 400cd/m², RGB, 480 x 272
  • plastic front IP 54, custoimized desing or stainless steel on request 


  • 4.3" Touch , 400cd/m², RGB, 480 x 272


  • SmartPLC DIN rail mounting
  • Bus and voltage connection via post connector 2x 10pol. 
  • Equipped with funktion button, reset and operating status LED
  • LAN
  • working temperature: 0 up to 50°C (*)
  • storage temperature: -20 up to 60°C
  • relative humidity: 5 up to 90%, not condensing
  • power input: 10 – 48 V DC (*)

* Depending on components, cooling concept and equipment  

Chassis and Equipment

PLC with integrated 4.3" Touch panet mount, equipped with Image MicroBrowser SpiderControl & CoDeSys v3.x for XS-Technology

PLC with integrated 4.3" Touch open frame, equipped with Image MicroBrowser SpiderControl & CoDeSys v3.x for XS-Technology

PLC for DIN rail mounting, equipped with Image MicroBrowser SpiderControl & CoDeSys v3.x for XS-Technology


For other configurations please ask our system consultants.


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