IP69k Touch Panel for the Food Industry

Produktbild IP69K
Produktbild Touchpanel IP69k
Touchpanel IP69k Detail Bedienelemente
Touchpanel IP69k Detail Dichtung
Touchpanel IP69k Detail Front Materialstaerke
Touchpanel IP69k Detail front

In the production of food - especially meat and dairy products - extremely high hygienic requirements apply to the relevant machinery and equipment. In the context of food safety, it is enormously important that bacteria have no chance to multiply or pass from one product to another. Therefore, regular cleaning of machines and equipment is very important in processing. The tci IP69k systems were designed precisely for these applications.

Why is IP69k Important in the Food Industry?

The IP69k degree of protection means that the systems have the highest possible all-round protection. They are ideally protected against the ingress of dust and foreign bodies as well as moisture and hot water - even under high pressure.

These are Your Advantages:

  • maximal hygiene
    The system can be cleaned with hot water up to 80°C under high pressure (up to 100 bar).
  • low cleaning effort
    You do not need to take any special safety precautions when cleaning - the system is protected all around.
  • highest safety
    Systems with IP protection have been carefully tested and are internationally certified. Thus, you can be sure that the systems will not suffer any damage even under harsh environmental conditions.


  • 10“ Projective Capacitive Touch
  • vibration resistant according to EN 60068-2-6 (2008-10)
  • shock resistant according to EN 60068-2-27 (2010-02)
  • protection class IP69k