Web Panel based on XS-Technology

XS technology is a modular system for universal web panels and PLC visualisations. A wide range of protocols and drivers are available. This means that the web panels can be configured for numerous PLC families and can be used like classic industrial computers.

The XS technology consists of

  • resource-saving and long-term stable hardware, as fanless as possible
  • integrated MicroBrowser of ininet​​​​​​​ 

  • integrated Webserver with different PCL drivers


Spider Webserver

The SpiderControl Web-Editor (PLC-Edition) will be offered for many controllers, particular as OEM version of the PLC producers. With this tool you can program very efficient and powerful visualisations, which will run on many plattforms.


CoDeSys Webserver

CoDeSys based PLC's with integrated Web visualization will be offered by different manufacturers. An example for this is the Wago 750-841. In order to be able to represent the data of Web visualization, usually a Java applet must be installed in ..


Webclients of OPC Webserver

OLE for Process Control (OPC) was the original name for this standardized software interfaces that was able to exchange data between applications from different manufacturers in automation technology.


Webclients of ModbusSpider Webserver XS-Systems

The HMI is designed with the comfortable and efficient SpiderControl PLC edition editor and can be transferred directly to the touch panel.


Client to Customized Server

There are various mechanisms for the connection to any type of server. Necessary engineering can be carried out by you or by us. The application note as download file offers more details concerning this topic.


Webvisualisation S7-1200*/S7-1500*

SpiderControl Web Editor (PLC Edition) enables an easy set-up of HTML5 visualizations for the integrated web server of Siemens S7-1200* and S7-1500* control systems.

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