tci WebWizard

The new tci WebWizard supports you - like a personal assistant - during the installation and configuration of your hardware. Various parameters are queried in a dialog, which you enter accordingly.

First you should check briefly whether an update is available for the tci WebWizard and install it if necessary - so that you can work with the current version.

After starting the WebWizard, first select the language settings. In the standard configuration you can choose between German and English.

In the Display tab, you can select the brightness, alignment, dimming and automatic switch-off after time. Now enter your network settings or select DHCP to obtain the network address automatically.

In the Webserver tab, you can set the update interval in addition to the URL. In the Audio tab, you can determine which volume you want to match the media. If your network or your software requires a planned restart, you can define the modalities and also save a password. The Start tab is the last step in the configuration - then you can save the configuration you have just set and start the system.

Configuration at a glass

  • anguage
  • Display brightness, LED control, comfort and energy saving
  • Network
  • Web server
  • Browser options
  • Audio
  • Time schedule and password protection
  • Start and refresh
  • FTP Settings
  • HTTPS and secured connection
  • Advanced Android settings
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