TIA-Portal*: Siemens S7-1200*& 1500*

SpiderControl Web Editor (PLC Edition) enables an easy set-up of HTML5 visualizations for the integrated web server of Siemens S7-1200* and S7-1500* control systems. Web visualization is saved in a format, which is appropriate for the TIA-portal. Finally, visu data is uploaded to the web server after compiling it in the TIA-protal*.

Web HMIs, which were created with the SpiderControl S7-1x00 PC HMI Editor, offer HTML-5, but at the same time are also compatible with the MicroBrowser panels of the tci XS series.

The combination of an embedded web server on the S7-1200 / 1500 with a MicroBrowser XS panel get you an unbeatably efficient visualization solution..


* are registered trade marks of Siemens AG