• 7-inch Android panel
  • bicolor LED in the front
  • integrated temperature sensor
  • 3 mounting options: flush-mounted, flush-mounted, surface-mounted

luna7-VI, which is based on android technology, reflects elegant and timeless design and convinces due to its performant hardware for building automation. The bicolor-LED at the front is configurable for different applications, for example to view a missed door call. Depending on equipment, a potential-free digital input enables the direct connection of a call button. The capacitive 7-inch multitouch display is highly luminous. The panel can be used as a room controller due to the integrated temperature sensor.

luna can be built-in box (UPG) or flush into the wall (EPG). Particularly the flush mounted version fulfills the esthetic requirements of modern architecture. Another mounting possibility is surface mounting (APG), which is especially suitable for walls, that shouldn’t be renovated, for example exposed concrete or historical timbered houses.


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Installation into EPG


Installation into UPG


Installation into black APG


Installation into white APG


Installation into EPG


Installation into UPG


Installation into black APG


Installation into white APG

These images show the luna10 in different installation situations

Product information at a glance

Technical data

  • 7" multitouch panel with continuous glass surface, 1024x600, 430 cd/m²
  • tci-embedded Board VI.r4
  • Rockchip RK3399 Hexa-Core CPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32GB eMMC
  • integrated bicolor LED
  • integrated speaker
  • ICOM: composite unit with integrated echo compensation for full-duplex audio communication
  • PoE+ 
  • ethernet 100/1000
  • USB2.0
  • working temperature: 0°C up to 35°C
  • storage temperature: -20°C up to 70°C
  • relative humidity:
    operation 10% to 80%, not condensing
    storage / transportation 10% to 90%, not condensing
  • power input:  24 VDC and PoE+ 
    IEEE Std 802.3at (Class 4)

Order info


7" multitouch panel with continuous glass surface, 1024 x 600, 430 cd/m², embedded Board VI.r4, Rockchip RK3399 Hexa-Core CPU, 2GB RAM, 32GB eMMC, integreted speaker, integreted bicolor LED, Ethernet 100/1000, USB2.0, ICOM, PoE+, FlatClient für Android (VoIP/SIP Client), Android 9 (Pie)

The product can be supplied in black or white, please specify when ordering.

Additional equipment



Linux (Version on request)
tci WebWizard


EPG - Built-in box for flush mounting (including HMK)
UPG - Built-in box (optionally with HMK)
APG - Surface mount housing, design white
APG - Surface mount housing, design black
MONT(R2) -  Mounting support set with straight plates for plastering​​​​​
HMK - Cavity wall mounting kit consisting of bracket and installation template

luna Connection Kit 

Bracket for up to two Keystone RJ45 Slim Modules.
Included in delivery - 1x keystone adapter and connection cable set.
Can be used for UPG and EPG


External top hat rail power supply, primary 85-264 VAC, secondary 24 VDC, 100W, 4DU

Power consumption

Operating status

P in W

Operate under full load, display max. brightness


Operate under Idle-Loop, display max. brightness


Operate, display off