Android Touchpanel


Android touch panels from tci offer technology, price and design at the highest level.

The luna-VI series, based on Android technology, has a timeless design and impresses with its high-performance hardware for building automation. A bicolour LED in the front can be configured for various applications, for example to indicate a door call in the absence of the user. Depending on the equipment, a potential-free digital input enables the direct connection of a bell button. The capacitive multi-touch displays are particularly bright. Thanks to the integrated temperature sensor, the panel can be used as a room controller. 

The luna is installed in the wall with a mounted box UPG or flush with the wall with the flush-mounted box EPG. A surface-mounted housing is also available for installation on walls (APG), for example in exposed concrete or historic timber framing. The KTG desktop housing is used to equip conference rooms or at a reception desk.

  • 7, 10, 16 and 22-inch touchpanels
  • familiar operating philosophy
  • large selection of cost-effective apps
    - many apps for building automation
    - particularly for visualization and communication
  • compact hardware with low energy consumption
  • launcher password protects against wrong installation by the end user
Detailbild Schaubenzieher
Detailbild in der Wand


  Diagonal / aspect ratio     Mounting

Produktbild_luna7-VI_web_2023Touch-Panel luna7-VI

7" / 16:9 Wall mounting (EPG)
Flush mounting (UPG)
Surface mounting (APG - Black design)
Produktbild_luna10-VI_web_2023_freiTouch-Panel luna10-VI
10"/16:9 Wall mounting (EPG)
Flush mounting (UPG)
Surface mounting (APG - Black design)
Desk mounting (KTG)

Produktbild_luna16-VI_web_2023Touch-Panel luna16-VI

16" / 16:9 Wall mounting (EPG)
Flush mounting (UPG)
Surface mounting (APG - Black design)
Desk mounting (KTG)
Produktbild_luna22-VI_web_2023_freiTouch-Panel luna22-VI
22"/16:9 Wall mounting (EPG)
Flush mounting (UPG)