KNX Touchpanel


The tci touch panels of the pureKNX series make it easy for you to get started with building technology

  • Easy handling for ETS programmers
  • Can be parameterised in the native ETS dialogue, no plug-in
  • Programming only once - once created, the visualisation can be easily transferred to other touch panels
  • The pureKNX software can also be used via smartphone
  • Can be used via WLAN and the internet
  • Optionally with door communication


pureKNX details

  • the interface is generated automatically after parameterisation in the ETS
  • The required symbols are also assigned automatically
  • Group and function names can be freely selected
  • Up to 25 groups with 12 functions each can be parameterised
  • 1 group with general functions
  • Database for ETS4 and ETS5
  • Comfort functions & language switching DE/US


  • Switching, relative and absolute dimming of light
  • Dimming LED lamps using RGB colour values
  • Raise and lower roller blinds
  • Raise and lower blinds; start and stop
  • Display and set HVAC
  • Scenes
  • Timer (line and trend systems)
  • Presence
  • Window contacts
  • Alarm for burglary, fire, water and wind alarm
  • Outdoor temperature display
  • Control of room temperature controller (RTR)



  Diagonal / aspect ratio     Mounting

Produktbild_pureKNX_base7_H-easy-smart-home_1000x1000Touch-Panel pureKNX-Base7

7" / 16:9
Flush mounting (UPG)