Adapter Gira neuheiten

tci Adapter Frame

With the new adapter frame you can replace existing touch panels by modern tci systems.

Your advantages by the adapter frame solution:

  • No artisan costs due to wall break-ups  -  you can use the existing built-in for flush mounting oder built-in box
  • Replace previous technology simply and uncomplicated with current, inexpensive panel systems
  • You have the choice: PC-, Android-based VI-Touch-Systems or Webpanels

previously mura10 ⇒ luna10 (PC or VI)

previously mura15 ⇒ luna16 (PC or VI)
previously mura16 ⇒ luna16 (PC or VI)

previously mura19 ⇒ luna22 (PC or VI)

previously Gira Control 9 Client 2 ⇒ luna10 (PC or VI); Design black

previously Gira Control 9 Client 2 ⇒ luna10 (PC or VI); Design white


previously Gira Control 19 Client 2 ⇒ luna22 (PC or VI)

  previously Controlmini ⇒ luna10 (PC or VI)

previously Controlpro ⇒ luna22 (PC or VI)

We are glad to help you. With just a few details, we can make you an offer for adapter frames and tci systems.

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