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Rugged 7-Inch System

The web terminal G07T is a 7-inch touchpanel with glass front with either capacitive or resistive touch. The fully enclosed plastic housing is robust and certified for protection class IP65.

The G07T is available as web terminal with android G07T-VI and as PLC operating system G07T-XS.

The Advantages are...

  • fully enclosed plastic housing in IP65
  • fanless and maintenance-free
  • perfectly plan 7" touch as glass touch projective or touch resistive
  • 1 cable solution: LAN with PoE (class 0) or LAN with 24 VDC


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Different Touch Technologies for Your Application

Advantages of Resistive Glass Touch

  • uncritical with regard to EMC control
  • useable with any glove
  • price / performance ratio

Advantages of Capacitive Glass Touch

  • operation through approaching - possible without contact
  • useable with a thin latex glove
  • multitouch


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Touch Panel Multitouch


Through its universal mounting, this system can be used on the mounting arm or in the control cabinet. Light weight, easy connectivity and robust plastic housing allow for the use in production, logistics and agriculture.



The optimal combination of MicroBrowser and hardware is described in "XS-Technology" and ensures a fast system start and high performance during the operation. XS systems can be used as clients for OPC servers or can display any screens of other computers with the VNC client.

In addition to the CoDeSys web visualization controls from Saia, Phoenix Contact (ILC 1x0, ILC3x0), Panasonic (FP web server), Sabo, Schleicher (XCN), Siemens (CP 243/343/443 with webserver), Beckhoff (CX x000), Wago (750-841 , 750-871) and Beck IPC (CoDeSys) supported.

  • Touch Panel for panel mounting or mounting arm
  • 7" TFT, 800 x 480
  • capacitive multi-touch (PCT) or resistive touch
  • protection class IP65 all oround
  • 1 cable solution: 
    LAN with PoE (class 0) or LAN with 24 VDC
  • storage temperature: -10 up to +70°C
  • relative humidity: 10 to 80%, not condensing
  • working temperature:
    G07T-XS: 0 up to +50°C
    G07T-VI: 0 up to +40°C
  • power input: 
    G07T-XS / G07T-VI: 24 VDC or PoE (class 0)

Chassis and Equipment


Android Panel, 7" glass touch , aluminum front, Widescreen LED TFT, embedded Quad-Core CPU Board, 1,6GHz, 1GB RAM, 1x RJ45 LAN (PoE, class 0), 1x USB2.0


PLC Panel, 7" glass touch , embedded ARM CPU, ethernet 10/100, PoE (class 0), brightness sensors, VNC, CodeSys 3.0 support, equipped with Image MicroBrowser SpiderControl & CoDeSys v3.x for XS-Technology


G07T-Case: Bumper made of silicone, AutomationBrowser app for androidtci WebWizard


For other configurations please ask our system consultants.

Operating Systems

Linux on request

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Technical Drawing